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What’s new with Middle East 2.0 landscape?

Campaign Series: Middle East 1948-1985 saw a complete graphics overhaul for its coming version 2.0. What exactly has changed? Our Gallery has been updated with two new slideshows, covering the two biomes included in the game: Desert and Mediterranean. Both slideshows cover all the available View options...

Middle East 50% Off at Matrix Holiday Sale

Don't have the game yet? Worry not, for the

Matrix Holiday Sale is here!

...and with it Campaign Series: Middle East 1948-1985 is 50% off. The offer is valid from November 22 to January 7, so get prepared for the pending 2.0 update and get your copy...

What’s new in Middle East 2.0?

So what's new with Middle East 2.0?               Here's the Update Log from the game manual:  

Middle East Update Log for 2.00


  • Fixed various Unit database issues
  • Fixed several issues involving airstrikes
  • Fixed high level attacks for helicopters
  • Made numerous other minor fixes
  • Also: Revisions on the CS Unit Viewer...

Next stop: Vietnam

  With Middle East 2.0 handed out to Matrix Games for its eventual release - and we'll let you know of the date once we know; it's a busy time of the year for Matrix! - it is time to start focusing again on the next game for...