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Uncle Ho’s Hideout #8 – Origins of Truong Son

mpaign Series Vietnam | Uncle Hos Hideout In Uncle Ho's Hideout series, David Galster shares some of his tips and techniques in scenario research and design for CS: Vietnam.

Dear Compatriots,

Can you guess what year the phrase “Ho Chi Minh Liaison Road" was coined? It was in 1947, during...

Interviews with the Masters: Huib Versloot

Foreword by Scott Cole

I have been playing CS ever since the original East Front was released. At times, I would take a break from the game, mostly due to time commitments elsewhere, and have played other games but I have always returned to CS. I attribute my continued enjoyment of this long running game franchise to...

Bruno’s Bunker #6 – Dien Bien Phu

  Campaign Series Vietnam | Bruno's Bunker

David Galster's Bruno's Bunker series of articles explain the evolution of the struggle in Indochina from a French and Viet-Minh perspective. Find out what happened prior the US involvement in Vietnam and how you can experience it while playing a range...