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World War 2 in Colour

About colourised photographs

I have long been a fan of WW2 Colourised Photos, one can but marvel at time, dedication and skills often put in use to colourise a vintage WW2 black&white photograph. Often in addition to colourisation, there's been a lot of effort put in describing the background of the photograph and...

CS: Middle East 50% Off at Matrix Holiday Sale 2018

Campaign Series: Middle East is on sale

That time of the year again, folks... Matrix Holiday Sale is here! [caption id="attachment_3305" align="aligncenter" width="600"]CS: Middle East 50% Off CS: Middle East 50% Off[/caption] And with it, Campaign Series: Middle East 1948-1985 is 50% Off! Still on fence? Now is...

Finnish Order of Battle in East Front III

I have just finished putting together a second iteration of the Finnish order of battle for Campaign Series: East Front III, a platoon-scale tactical wargame covering battles in WW2 Eastern Front in 1939-1941. This blog post supplements the previous German and Romanian OOB posts by Jason Petho, and Scott Cole, respectively.

Finnish Army in...