In the works - Campaign Series: Vietnam 1948-1985 - 2D Zoom-in View
OUT NOW: Campaign Series: Middle East 1948-1985 - Into the Ring 1982 - 3D Zoom-in View
In the Works - Campaign Series: East Front 1939-1941 - First Blood 1939 - 2D Normal View

Strangers in the Night – New night graphics at play

Happy New Year 2018!

Strangers in the night  Exchanging glances  Wondering in the night  What were the chances… 2018 promises to be a stellar wargaming year, let us kick it off with a few notes about the revised Night settings, now available as of Middle East 2.0.   While Night battles have been...

Campaign Series Event Engine How-To

The Campaign Series Event Engine, hereinafter referred to as the CSEE, is a standard, built-in extension to the game engine giving you the ability to script special messaging and all manner of in-game events. With the CSEE, you can for example, based on changing circumstances:
  • Show on-screen briefings,...

CS Graphics Under the Hood #4 – Hex Sides Galore!

Welcome to Part Four of the CS Graphics Under the Hood series! This time, let us look at the hex sides, which comes in the form of Sides, Blocked, and Slopes. Then there's the Full Bridges and Side Bridges. That leaves only the various Water tiles for the fifth and...