CS: Vietnam 1948-1967

Campaign Series Vietnam is a new turn-based, tactical/operational war game that focuses on mid 20th Century conflicts in Southeast Asia. v. 1.30 available now!

Campaign Series Middle East

CS: Middle East 1948-1985

Campaign Series: Middle East 1948-1985 is a tactical platoon-scale wargame that focuses on conflicts in the Middle East. Reimaged v. 2.30 Available Now

CS: East Front III

Campaign Series: East Front III  is a work-in-progress  wargame title by Campaign Series Legion. In the works.

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Interviews with the Masters: Huib Versloot

Foreword by Scott Cole I have been playing CS ever since the original East Front was released. At times, I would take a break from the game, mostly due to time commitments elsewhere, and have played other games but I have always returned to CS. I attribute my...

Welcome to Campaign Series: Middle East 1948-1985

Middle East is a tactical-level game portraying some of the significant battles between 1948 and 1985 in the Middle East and North Africa. Choose to battle in over one hundred historical scenarios. Pit your skills against the computer in any of the many historical...

Tony Poe’s Outpost #2 – Chaotic 1960 Laotian Coup

In Tony Poe's Outpost series, David Galster sheds some light on the secret war in Laos for the upcoming CS Vietnam tactical-wargame, as well as some background information about who was involved and why. Hey Grunts, Didn't I tell you that things in Laos were very...

Romanian Order of Battle in East Front III

I'm putting together the Romanian order of battle for Campaign Series: East Front III, a platoon-scale tactical wargame covering battles in WW2 Eastern Front during 1939-1941. This blog post supplements Jason's recent German OOB post by revealing what's in store for...

Hack’s Hardcore Hints #4: Map Making Sequence

In Hack's Hardcore Hints series, David Galster shares some of his scenario design toolkits for Campaign Series: Vietnam, a work-in-progress tactical platoon-scale wargame. It’s a pleasure, Campaign Series Wargamers, Have you ever wanted to get into scenario design,...