CS: Vietnam 1948-1967

Campaign Series Vietnam is a new turn-based, tactical/operational war game that focuses on mid 20th Century conflicts in Southeast Asia.. AVAILABLE NOW!

Campaign Series Middle East

CS: Middle East 1948-1985

Campaign Series: Middle East 1948-1985 is a tactical platoon-scale wargame that focuses on conflicts in the Middle East. Reimaged v. 2.0 Available Now

CS: East Front III

Campaign Series: East Front III  is a work-in-progress  wargame title by Campaign Series Legion. In the works.

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Interviews with the Masters: Huib Versloot

Foreword by Scott Cole I have been playing CS ever since the original East Front was released. At times, I would take a break from the game, mostly due to time commitments elsewhere, and have played other games but I have always returned to CS. I attribute my...

Truong’s Tragic Trail #5: The Tightening Noose

Paratroopers, check your static lines! Which Military Region do you think gave North Vietnam its most encouragement? This article explains how their successes in MR-2 in the Central Highlands, and American weakness led to a test of wills and strategy in Phuoc Long...

Comrade Giap’s Clever Nuggets #2: NVA Infantry

Comrade Giap's Clever Nuggets is yet another series, where David Galster shares some of his tips and techniques in scenario research and design for CS: Vietnam. Comrades, Were you aware that NVA soldiers sometimes wore sandals fashioned from discarded truck tires?...

Phạm Xuân Ẩn’s Notepad #2: French Secret Service in Indochina

Phạm Xuân Ẩn's Notepad is the latest series of articles by David Galster that provides an overview of espionage in Vietnam. The articles provide some interesting background information for the upcoming release of Campaign Series: Vietnam. My Dear Friends, The new CS...

Truong’s Tragic Trail #1: Vietnam Endgame 1973-75

Paratroopers, check your static lines! After the Paris Accords, the US no longer helped defend South Vietnam. This series of articles covers the period from Ceasefire to the fall of Saigon, 1973 - 75. The first provides an overview. First Half Year 1973 Henry...