What’s new with Middle East 2.0 landscape?

Campaign Series: Middle East 1948-1985 saw a complete graphics overhaul for its coming version 2.0. What exactly has changed?

Our Gallery has been updated with two new slideshows, covering the two biomes included in the game: Desert and Mediterranean.

Both slideshows cover all the available View options in 2.0, including the new 2D Zoom-In and 3D Zoom-In Views.

Do check them out and let us know what you think!


What’s new in Middle East 2.0?

So what’s new with Middle East 2.0?








Here’s the Update Log from the game manual:


Middle East Update Log for 2.00


  • Fixed various Unit database issues
  • Fixed several issues involving airstrikes
  • Fixed high level attacks for helicopters
  • Made numerous other minor fixes
  • Also: Revisions on the CS Unit Viewer (F3) community tool by ‘Arkady’ to use the new folder, data, and graphics formats now in Middle East 2.00


  • Implemented standard windowed application (no longer fixed full screen)
  • Implemented new Field Drab – Sand colour scheme for all windows, dialogs, and UI elements
  • Implemented new frontend User Interface
  • Implemented new in-game dialogs to replace many old dialogs
  • Revised the Extended Info (F2 Unit Handbook) dialog
  • Revised the in-game Scenario Information dialog
  • Implemented Campaign Series Event Engine
  • Extended Campaign Series Adaptive AI
  • Implemented new 3D Zoom Levels
  • Implemented new 2D Zoom Levels
  • Implemented new Night colour scheme for battles taking place during night turns
  • Implemented Recon Reveal
  • Implemented a bridge laying AI
  • Implemented new short cut keys
  • Added new NATO unit icons. There’s now 450+ unique symbols to depict the plethora of unit types in the game. Armored Tracked Amphibious Infantry Fighting Vehicle with Anti-Tank Guided Missiles? Check!
  • Added new Adaptive AI parameters
  • Added terrain feature: Major Canal
  • Added terrain feature: Canal
  • Added terrain feature: Major River
  • Added terrain feature: Major River (Shallow)
  • Added terrain feature: River
  • Added terrain feature: River (Shallow)
  • Added terrain feature: Produce Field
  • Renamed terrain feature: Field to Grain Field
  • Added terrain feature: Thicket
  • Added terrain feature: Colored Dirt
  • Added terrain feature: Airfield
  • Added terrain feature: Stream Join (hexside)
  • Added terrain feature: Minor River Join (hexside)
  • Added terrain feature: Water Block (hexside)
  • Implemented new game engine and map editor toolbars
  • Implemented new feature where the game engine, launched from the frontend, defaults to use non-encrypted data files for solo, Hot Seat & campaign play (while for PBEM and LAN Play, use of encrypted files still applies)
  • Implemented new 3D objective markers
  • Implemented Options – Unit List Position – Left/Right
  • Implemented Options – Hex Highlights – Hex Block
  • Implemented Options – 3D Unit Shadows (toggles unit shadow displays in 3D Map Modes)
  • Implemented Display – Terrain Combat Modifiers
  • Implemented Display – Concealment Modifiers
  • Implemented Display – Morale Modifiers
  • Implemented Display – Command Range now also display “(re)supply probability values
  • Implemented red, Special map labels
  • Map labels now display via Display > Labels (hot key `)
  • Implemented several Alt+# hot key variants, for international keyboards lacking some of the standard English-language punctuation keys
  • Implemented 3D unit graphics on 2D counters option
  • Maps are now specified by both Region and Biome
  • In the Map Editor toolbar, implemented a new functionality, RevCycleSel, for reverse cycling through the map selections
  • In Map Editor, implemented Terrain – Lock Terrain (L), for locking the current (Cycle) Selection value
  • Implemented the new Map Editor Display – Map Hints feature
  • Improved diagnostic logging
  • Implemented Statically linked EXEs; no longer dynamically linked, and no longer reliant on Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables to run


  • New User Interface
  • New 3D Terrain Tiles
  • New 2D Terrain Tiles
  • New Night Combat colour scheme
  • Revised and improved 3D unit graphics for all countries
  • Revised 2D counters for all countries


  • Updated Weapon.pdt file, revising existing information and adding new information for new units
  • Updated all Platoon##.oob files with additions and corrections


New Scenarios by Jason Petho:

  • Bootcamp 5 – Reconnaissance

New Scenarios by Petri Nieminen:

  • Crisis in Sirte 1985 Scenario Pack: 4 Head to Head and 4 vs-AI scenarios

New Scenarios by Alan R. Arvold (available in the mods folder):

  • Ode to October War: 19 scenarios, design notes
  • Ode to Arab-Israeli Wars: 60 scenarios, design notes
  • Ode to Divided Ground: 71 scenarios, design notes
  • Note: These scenarios are historically as accurate as contemporary sources allow them to be. However, these sets have not been through the rigorous BETA Brigade Playtesting phase, and as such the victory conditions are per original design assumption. Your feedback appreciated.

Other revisions

  • Revised all affected scenario/campaign maps with new Airfield terrain hex

Scenario Modifications to: All Scenarios

Scenario Modifications for Campaign Series Event Engine:

  • Bootcamp 1
  • Bootcamp 2
  • Bootcamp 3
  • Bootcamp 4
  • Bootcamp 5
  • Long Road Home
  • Teaching Set 1
  • Teaching Set 2
  • Teaching Set 3
  • Teaching Set 4
  • Teaching Set 5
  • Crisis in Sirte 1985 scenario pack (four H2H and four Side A scenarios)


Here are the mods included, in \mods folder, with CS: Middle East 2.00:

  • 2D Black Unit Profiles (updated) – This is a 2D graphics modification that converts the coloured unit graphics to black silhouettes:

  • 2D Board Game Mapboards (new) – This is a 2D graphics modification that converts the 2D mapboard terrain tiles with those with a classic board game type of texture, with Line-of-Sight dots in the middle of hexes, for instance:

  • 2D Textured Mapboards (new) – This is a 2D graphics modification that converts the 2D mapboard terrain tiles with those with stronger textures. Looks more at par with 3D color scheme, and more lively all in all, but makes observing elevation changes more difficult:

  • 3D Classic Unit Bases (new) – This modification brings back the classic button profiled 3D unit bases (stock with Middle East 1.02) with country insignias on them:

  • Alan R. Arvold’s Ode To Arab-Israeli Wars 2.0 (updated) – This modification by Alan R. Arvold introduces sixty Arab-Israeli Wars boardgame inspired scenarios with Design Notes to CS: Middle East game format. Now compliant with CSME 2.0.
  • Alan R. Arvold’s Ode to Divided Ground 2.0 (new) – This modification by Alan R. Arvold introduces a completely revised set of Divided Ground scenarios with Design Notes into CS: Middle East game format. Compliant with CSME 2.0.
  • Alan R. Arvold’s Ode to October War 2.0 (updated) – This modification by Alan R. Arvold introduces nineteen October War boardgame inspired scenarios with Design Notes to CS: Middle East game format. Now compliant with CSME 2.0.
  • Skip Intro Music – This modification by ‘harry_vdk’ replaces the music file playing during the scenario selection dialogs with an empty one. Silence it is.


The manual has been revised to 2.00 UPDATE standards. It has also been combed through; revising graphics and grammatical errors, in addition to incorporating comments from users (inclusion of 2D and 3D screenshots, for example). All new features have been added to the manual.

Next stop: Vietnam


With Middle East 2.0 handed out to Matrix Games for its eventual release – and we’ll let you know of the date once we know; it’s a busy time of the year for Matrix! – it is time to start focusing again on the next game for the series…

Campaign Series: Vietnam is in the works, and has been for awhile.

One of the bigger tasks we took was to ensure the Campaign Series code base would support a number a games in itself. With a help of flags, compile switches, and what not, with which our programmer Berto seems to be totally at home with, each of the new feature we put into the game engine code will be available to all other games, either already in their initial version, or in the next UPDATE.

Vietnam for one will enjoy all the latest features developed to Middle East 2.0, for instance the dynamic recon feature will be there from the beginning. Also, CS Event Engine will be available to scenario designers from the word go.

There’s also new team member joining in for the effort, for instance David Galster is assisting us with research and scenario design. Rod Coles will continue to serve as an Advisor in all things Vietnam, while rest of the core Legion will join in too.

As for Campaign Series: Vietnam’s individual color scheme will go, things are centered around the Green Drab of the era, with the mandatory Olive Drab making an appearance as well.

There’s now also a screenshot from the latest BETA at the Gallery, have a look!

We’ll keep you posted as the game progresses. Our hope is to release Campaign Series: Vietnam in Summer 2018.