Campaign Series: Vietnam 1.22 Update Available Now

Campaign Series Vietnam

The latest update is available to download and install from the following areas:

  • The Check for Update button on the game launcher (recommended for ease of use)
  • The download section on the product page (opens in a new tab)
  • Direct FTP download (initiates an immediate download)

Here’s the changelog per the latest 1.22 manual:

17.1 Vietnam Update Log for 1.22

17.1.1 Errata
• No errata for 1.22

17.1.2 Enhancements
• Ambush situations will now come with assault background sounds.
• Implemented several new CSEE functions: attack_nearest_arc(), hexes_habitat().
• Enhanced Developer debugging.

17.1.3 Fixes
• Fixed a hex spotting issue affecting artillery and airstrike scatter.
• Fixed a unit concealment issue involving helicopters.
• Fixed an off-road movement issue.
• Fixed an issue where on-map LZ markers might fail to show intermittently.
• Fixed a CSEE/SAI bug involving Leaders/HQs in some circumstances failing to follow movement orders properly.
• Fixed several other CSEE glitches/bugs and made other improvements.
• Fixed other minor bugs and made other minor code improvements.

17.1.4 Graphics
• Revised A Week in Mekong campaign BMPs.
• Revised new Rice icon 3D graphics.

17.1.5 Data
• Revised the artillery scatter probability.
• Revised the airstrike scatter probability.

17.1.6 Scenarios
• Revised A Week in Mekong scripting to remedy issues found during play.
• Revised A Week in Mekong map.
• Revised A Week in Binh Long scripting to remedy issues found during play.
• Revised several scenarios to explicitly account for onmap_only in functions such as: within(), in_area(), in_box(), and several others.

17.1.7 Mods
• No new mods for 1.22

17.1.8 Manual
• Revised manual to 1.22 standards.