Campaign Series: Vietnam 1.30 Update Available Now

Campaign Series Vietnam

The latest update is available to download and install from the following areas:

  • The Check for Update button on the game launcher (recommended for ease of use)
  • The download section on the product page (opens in a new tab)
  • Direct FTP download (initiates an immediate download)

Here’s the changelog per the latest 1.30 manual:

17.1 Vietnam Update Log for 1.30

17.1.1 Errata

  • No errata for 1.30

17.1.2 Enhancements

  • Implementation of new Game Action Speed system for speeding up, slowing down, pausing the AI turns, PBEM replays and human player turns. See Status à Action Speed à AI Play à Slow Down and Status à Action Speed à Replay à Slow Down for setting the AI play and Replay speeds while in the Human Player turn mode with new ALT+ and CTRL+ associated Hot Keys.
  • Implemented a message to display a confirmation of the changed Action Speed.
  • Unit List and Info Box were given makeovers to make it easier to read the information with larger and bolder fonts, revised layout and new graphics.
  • Implemented Options à Unit List à Unselected Highlights à White, Black, Alternate, None options for the Unit List.
  • Implemented new side bar Unit List icons, including new icons for Double Time and Slow Time
  • Implemented a white halo for red Unit List values.
  • Implemented Display à Roaming Mode (CTRL+SPACE) for quickly identifying units as you move the mouse over the map. Clicking anywhere on the map will toggle OFF Roaming Mode.
  • Implemented Slow Time for all units except Aircraft that allows units to expend more Action Points when moving to reduce the likelihood of casualties from Mines and IED’s.
  • Updated the Toolbar to incorporate buttons for Slow Time, Roaming Mode, and Game Action Speeds and revised placement of the Jump Map button.
  • Implemented new, dynamic, random Hex Info Box CSLogoXX images, with the option to fix images on a per scenario basis by appending [LG##] to the scenario description in the scenario editor.
  • Implemented Options à Damage Results à Position à Center, Upper Left, Upper Right, Lower Left and Lower Right, allowing the user to display the Damage Results where they prefer.
  • Overhaul of Mine/IED system with improved movement effects, including the addition to night and enemy proximity effects, delayed side awareness and several bug fixes.
  • IED’s now operate much like Mines in most ways. (For instance, step-down reductions, on activation and removal, not all in one go.)
  • Revised the Scenario Information dialog to display the scenario’s map region and biome.
  • Implemented the Scenario Information dialog in the scenario editor.
  • The Location Dialog will no longer display the ‘=’ and ‘+’ border labels, just the relevant place names.
  • Implemented a new Place All button in the Arrived Dialog for placing all listed reinforcements with a single click.
  • Units moving Double Time will be more likely to lose concealment and Units moving in Slow Time will be more likely to remain concealed.
  • Implemented single button Opportunity Fire Limit adjustments within the Opportunity Fire Dialog.
  • Implemented new XAlliedAttack/XAxisAttack hex flags that has the game engine recording any combat action originating from any hex and for any such hex, the “authorization denied” will not apply to artillery fire and.
  • Implemented additional Lua CSEE Debugging capabilities in the scenario editor.
  • Updates/improvements in the Find Organization Dialog in game and the Forces Dialog in the scenario editor providing additional information such as the hex location.
  • The Units/SPs/Losses Dialog will now also show unit type surviving Strength Points in addition to Strength Point losses.
  • Watercraft out in open water and in waterways will no longer have a chance of being concealed.
  • Implemented additional testing features, for on the fly toggling ON/OFF new and work-in-progress features.
  • Implemented several new CSEE functions: fire_indirect_nearest_from(), garrison(), accompany(), order_airstrike(), move_slow(), has_attack().

17.1.3 Fixes

  • Fixed the unscripted (no Scripted AI) artillery blind fire strikes. The AI will no longer fire blindly (to be implemented in the future).
  • In the map editor, fixed an issue where the region and biome changes were not saving to the .map file.
  • Fixed a number of LCG issues in the code, including more than one Crash to Desktop.
  • Fixed color inconsistency in Command Report and Damage Results Dialogs.
  • Fixed a bug in the map editor where the biome would not show properly in Values à Region and where the biome would not show properly in the Values à Biome.
  • Updated the frontend code to process the latest version # LCG .scl files properly.
  • Fixed a bug possibly preventing an amphibious unit moving from land to water or vice versa.
  • Fixed a bug where Landing Zones might be cleared in waterway hexes.
  • Fixed a bug where loaded waterway transports may be prevented from moving.
  • Fixed several bugs preventing the display of the on-map Unknown Unit marker.
  • Fixed a bug where a ferrying watercraft unit may leave a hex and potentially strand a ferried ground unit in the water. Ferrying watercraft will no longer be able to move if any potential ferried units have moved to shore. This action costs 50 Action Points.
  • When entering a roadblock hex, the moving side will gain side awareness immediately and the roadblock marker will instantly show.
  • Fixed a bug for some Options changes for the Unit List would not update automatically.
  • Fixed the broken Static All toolbar option.
  • Fixed a bug where the DaisyCutter operations were not working for ground units.
  • Fixed a bug where on PBEM (and LAN Play) scenario start, the New Scenario dialog (and Player Dialog), the Rules button was broken.
  • Fixed a bug with Units à Move Air Units Off Map in the scenario editor.
  • Revised CSEE counters_weakest() function.
  • Fixed several UI color and background pattern issues.
  • Extended the game opening splash video by 10 seconds, in case the Windows Media Player is unusually slow to start.
  • Fixed other minor bugs and made other code improvements.

17.1.4 Graphics

  • Fixed several minor UI color issues.
  • Fixed several 3D map graphic issues.
  • Added photos for the new dynamic, random Hex InfoBox CSLogo## images.

17.1.5 Data

  • Updated to check for fire capable units with a zero-fire cost.
  • Revised Colored Dirt to have the same terrain effects as Beach.
  • Revised a few units to ensure the data and weapon files matched.

17.1.6 Scenarios

  • Revised A Week in Binh Long scripting to remedy issues found during play.
  • Revised A Week in Binh Long map.
  • Revised A Week in Binh Long scenario file to include updated units, missions.
  • Revised Bootcamp 4 scripting to remedy an early release issue.
  • Revised several additional Lua file errors.

17.1.7 Mods

  • New 2D Hypsometric Tint mod.
  • Additional new 2D Hypsometric Tint mod.
  • 2D Brown Water mod has replaced the 2D Blue Water mod which is now default.

17.1.8 Manual

  • The manual has been revised to the 1.30 UPDATE.