Frequently asked questions regarding CS Legion and Campaign Series games.

Why Middle East as the first new game title?

Middle East is a natural progression for the series. Due to the time span (1948-1985) it provides an excellent opportunity to portray the various battles from the end of the Second World War to near the end of the Cold War. There are many weapon systems portrayed and experiencing the tactical differences in combat between a 1948 battle and a 1973 or 1982 battle makes one eager to experience more.

A lot of thought has gone into the scenarios chosen to be included with the first release. In most cases, they are battles that provided both sides an equal opportunity of victory, regardless of whom actually won the battle. In addition, each of the scenarios attempts to teach the player, or players, a tactical lesson. Of course, these lessons change as the decades progress.

— Jason Petho

Why are you using the Campaign Series engine instead of something new and flashy?

Good question that has a few answers.

I have been a fan of the series since its inception. I have seen the improvements over the years but most importantly, saw the potential in the series with a competent programmer to take the series further than it has ever been before. That programmer has been found and, quite frankly, he’s a magician.

I have looked and have not found an engine that can do what I wanted it to do without dumbing down the Campaign Series experience. The Campaign Series, in my humble opinion, is similar to chess in the sense that it is very easy to learn but rather difficult to master. That being said, our programmer has taken the experience to a new level, added some additional complexity to ensure that the playing experience will be refreshing and capable of replayability.

The team is intimate with the Campaign Series engine, file structure and design. We were well aware of the limitations and did many things to either remove those limitations and/or and design Middle East for expansion.

— Jason Petho