Your feedback requested

With Middle East 2.0 out the door, all hands are now on Campaign Series: Vietnam, our next tactical wargame title, with an estimated release date of late summer 2018.

To assist us on our game and scenario design, we put together a web survey, asking you about your gaming profile, gaming hardware, general preferences, and yes: what you would like to see in Campaign Series: Vietnam.

There’s eighteen questions, mostly multiple choices, and completing the survey will take approximately five minutes of your time.

<Campaign Series Vietnam Player Survey Link Closed>

We’d very much appreciate your feedback. Thank you in advance!

Edit: Our Survey has closed, thank you for participating!

About Campaign Series: Vietnam

Campaign Series: Vietnam is a tactical turn-based wargame focusing on conflicts in Vietnam during the First Indochina and Vietnam Wars. Other conflicts are covered as well.

Campaign Series Vietnam

You can find more information on Campaign Series: Vietnam from its Games home page, and visual images at our Gallery.