Exciting News: Vietnam 1.31 and Middle East 2.31 Update Public Betas Now Available!

We are thrilled to announce that the public beta for both Campaign Series: Middle East 2.31 and Campaign Series: Vietnam 1.31 updates are now available! These updates bring a host of new features and enhancements to improve your gameplay experience.

What’s New in Vietnam 1.31 and Middle East 2.31?

New Objective Types: Expand your strategic options with a variety of new objective types, adding depth and variety to your missions. There are now a Single Value (same value for both sides) and Double Value objectives available both in cumulative mode where objective value adds to tally after each full turn objective held, and at-end-of-play mode where objective value adds to tally to side that owns the objective at scenario end.

2D Map Enhancements: 2D maps now have hill side slopes added to bring more detail and vibrancy to the battlefield elevation changes. With up to 50 elevations available to each map, we are glad to be able to finally provide this visual enhancement.

New Scenarios: with Middle East, all scenarios that were previously part of Linked Campaigns are now available as individual battles, providing a couple of dozen fresh challenges and engaging content. For Vietnam, the game era has been extend from December 1967 to December 1985, and yes, the first of the Tet Offensive battles are now included!

New Mods: Both games now include the latest version Maus Man 3D Map mod, where all the terrain, vegetation, and structures are drawn to scale of 250 m per hex. Here is a peek to CS: Vietnam:

Night was dark and full of terrors…

Bug Fixes: A set of bug fixes are added as well.

We invite all players to participate in the beta testing for both updates and share their feedback to help us refine these features before the final release. Your input is invaluable to us!

Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm.

Join the Beta (links open their respective pages at Matrix Games forum):


Happy gaming!

The Campaign Series Legion Team