The Campaign Series Event Engine, hereinafter referred to as the CSEE, is a standard, built-in extension to the game engine giving you the ability to script special messaging and all manner of in-game events.

With the CSEE, you can for example, based on changing circumstances:

  • Show on-screen briefings, in the form of pop-up message dialogs, at game’s start, then provide hints and commentary throughout the game
  • Award positive Event Points (much like traditional Strength Points, and Objective Points) for special in-game achievements (e.g., killing an enemy commander or HQ; clearing out a map sector of all enemy units; etc.)
  • Assign negative Event Points for politically bad behavior (e.g., crossing over a border into a forbidden or demilitarized zone; ordering an airstrike on a mosque or temple; etc.)
  • Alter the value of objective hexes
  • Hasten or delay reinforcements, even change the location of entry hexes
  • Increase or decrease one side’s or the other’s general morale level
  • Raise or lower ammo levels, available air strikes, star shell (flare) count, etc
  • Change Adaptive AI parameters
  • Alter victory conditions

…and so much more.

In this How-To, I will build a CSEE .lua script, from start to finish. For our purposes, I will focus on the Jerusalem48.scn (Assault on an Ancient City) scenario, which is part of the Alan R. Arvold’s Ode to Divided Ground collection (a standard mod, included in CSME 2.0 by default).

This is no quick How-To. Inevitably, I will bog down in details. If you want to do anything more than the most trivial of CSEE Lua scripts, there is no escaping the details. A picture is worth a thousand words, they say. So too concrete examples.

This How-To will show plenty of examples, and more than a few pictures too!

Download it here:


Accompanying Lua Reference document and Jerusalem48_csee.lua files can be downloaded from here: csee_howto_reference_sample

If you have any questions just ask, either here, or at the Matrix Games CSME Forum