Campaign Series: Cold War is a work-in-pipeline tactical platoon-scale turn-based wargame title by Campaign  Series Legion, covering hypothetical battles in Cold War Gone Hot.

With the progress of CS: Middle East and CS: Vietnam, the Campaign Series Orders of Battle are already equipped with Cold War Era US, UK, and French organizations.

Add Soviet Union, mix with other Warsaw Pact nations, shake (but do not stir), and we have Cold War Gone Hot!

Available at a future date. Wish us luck!

A screenshot of an early build of the game. From a coding point of view, it is in a good state as most of the functionality is already there. CS: Cold War uses the same Modern Wars engine as the Middle East and Vietnam games. Scenario work, particularly Lua Event Engine coding, is required before we can release the title.

Campaign Series Cold War platoon scale tactical wargame

Hmm, where are the baddies?

Conflicts covered:

No definitive scenario listing is available quite yet, but we are considering the following:

  • Hypothetical battles in and around the proverbial Fulda Gap (and other locations as well!), featuring the same force mix and map across various decades, but with improvements in armament over time.

Order of Battles Candidates for 1.0

Already available from CS: Middle East and CS: Vietnam

  • United Kingdom, including BAOR
  • United States
  • France

In the works:

  • Soviet Union
  • Czechoslovakia
  • Poland

To be added in later updates:

  • West Germany
  • East Germany
  • … plus other Cold War nations 


Updated June 16th, 2024

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