Campaign Series: Vietnam is a work-in-progress tactical platoon-scale turn-based wargame title by Campaign Series Legion.

Estimated release: To Be Announced.

Campaign Series: Vietnam is a new turn-based, tactical/operational war game that focuses on mid 20th Century conflicts in Southeast Asia.

The series portrays battles spanning from 1948 to 1979. Each scenario is played on a unique, historical map with nine view modes. Scenario maps are based on topographic maps from the period created on a hex grid. Hexes are 250 meters across.

Each scenario is based on a painstakingly researched historical engagement and has a variable number of turns in which you and your opponent attempt to achieve the maximum number of victory points, usually by destroying your opponent’s forces or by capturing objective locations. A wide variety of battle situations are represented in the game, including firebase defense, helicopter air assaults, meeting engagements, trench defenses, armored breakthroughs, battles of attrition, mobile defenses, search and destroy, and more.

The Campaign Series Event Engine has been expanded greatly. The dynamic nature of the Scripted AI offers a completely new experience and challenge when playing against the computer opponent. The Event Points system allows players to collect Victory Points based on completing tasks as opposed to just securing objectives and inflicting casualties.

There are four low-complexity Boot Camp scenarios, designed especially with the new player in mind, with step-by-step instructions on how to play. The remaining scenarios vary in size from very brief and just a few units to many dozens of turns and hundreds of units. They can be played against the computer, PBEM, head-to-head, hot-seat, or real-time local area network play.

The game comes with a full suite of editors for those that would like to create their own scenarios and a large number of ready-to-use historically accurate master maps of varying locations throughout Vietnam.

Conflicts Covered:

  • French in Indochina 1948-1954
  • South Vietnam Civil War 1955-1964
  • U.S. Involvement in South Vietnam 1965-1973
  • Final Years in Vietnam 1973-1975
  • Laotian Civil War 1959-1975
  • China vs Vietnam 1979
  • Cambodian Civil War 1967–1975


Orders of Battles (1948-1985) included in CS: Vietnam 1.0

  • Australia
  • Cambodia
  • France
  • Laos
  • New Zealand
  • People’s Republic of China
  • People’s Republic of Vietnam
  • Republic of Vietnam
  • South Korea
  • Thailand
  • United States of America


Campaign Series: Vietnam resources:


  • Updated 9 September 2020: New estimated release date to be announced
  • Updated 19 July 2019: Link to Matrix Games Product page, more product information
  • Updated 09 June 2019: New estimated release date (was Q3/19)
  • Updated 24 January 2019: New estimated release date (was Q1/19)