Happy New Year 2018!

Strangers in the night 
Exchanging glances 
Wondering in the night 
What were the chances…

2018 promises to be a stellar wargaming year, let us kick it off with a few notes about the revised Night settings, now available as of Middle East 2.0.


While Night battles have been a feature of Campaign Series since its incarnation, the previous method of depicting Night turns was to display a “shadow mesh” pattern all over the display.

And while that was an adequate means to an end, it has now been replaced with an alternate setting of terrain tiles that show the landscape in midnight blue hue, as illuminated under a full moon light. Details around this include firing Flares, with the effect of turning  hexes in their radius to daylight versions for the duration they stay up (one turn including both player phases).

There’s a new Gallery entry with a snippet of a scenario under Night settings. Have a look and see what you think!