Middle East is a tactical-level game portraying some of the significant battles between 1948 and 1985 in the Middle East and North Africa. Choose to battle in over one hundred historical scenarios. Pit your skills against the computer in any of the many historical scenarios or go head-to-head against fellow games at home or through email!

Each scenario is played on a unique map with nine “view modes”. Most scenario maps are based on historically accurate Cold War-era 1:50,000 or 1:100,000 topographic maps. Movement and combat is performed on a “hex-grid” map that has defined wargaming for over four decades. Each hex represents 250 metres; with 4 hexes to a kilometre or 6 hexes to a mile.

The scenarios vary in complexity and have a variable number of Game Turns, in which you and your opponent attempt to secure objectives and defeat each other’s forces in battle. Every conceivable type of battle is represented in the numerous scenario selection; meeting engagements, armoured breakthroughs, fixed defences, exploitation, reconnaissance, mobile defences, battles of attrition, forced landings and much more!

Middle East can be considered a living game. This means that this is not the final version of the game; it will be continued to be expanded and updated in the future and be available to you as UPDATES that you will be able to download from the Matrix Games website or by clicking the UPDATE button on the main game menu. Follow along on the Matrix Games forum or the Campaign Series Facebook page for the latest and greatest regarding Middle East.