With the fully remastered Campaign Series: Middle East 1948-1985 now out in its version 2.0 carnation, it is time to turn attention to our next game in the Campaign Series franchise: Vietnam, with its planned release estimate late Summer 2018.

With attention to historical accuracy, the game series’ color schemes have been carefully selected to match the eras present.

Middle East color scheme used a Field drab – Sand combo from the MERDC Camouflage standard.

Vietnam will accordingly use the Dark green hue from the same standard, both in freshly applied and in a washed out form.

Our website has now adapted to CS: Vietnam color scheme. We continue to rely on… Camouflage.



“Camouflage” is a song written by Stan Ridgway and released at his first solo album “The Big Heat” in 1986. All rights belong to their owners. License: Standard Youtube License.