With Middle East 2.0 handed out to Matrix Games for its eventual release – and we’ll let you know of the date once we know; it’s a busy time of the year for Matrix! – it is time to start focusing again on the next game for the series…

Campaign Series: Vietnam is in the works, and has been for awhile.

One of the bigger tasks we took was to ensure the Campaign Series code base would support a number a games in itself. With a help of flags, compile switches, and what not, with which our programmer Berto seems to be totally at home with, each of the new feature we put into the game engine code will be available to all other games, either already in their initial version, or in the next UPDATE.

Vietnam for one will enjoy all the latest features developed to Middle East 2.0, for instance the dynamic recon feature will be there from the beginning. Also, CS Event Engine will be available to scenario designers from the word go.

There’s also new team member joining in for the effort, for instance David Galster is assisting us with research and scenario design. Rod Coles will continue to serve as an Advisor in all things Vietnam, while rest of the core Legion will join in too.

As for Campaign Series: Vietnam’s individual color scheme will go, things are centered around the Green Drab of the era, with the mandatory Olive Drab making an appearance as well.

There’s now also a screenshot from the latest BETA at the Gallery, have a look!

We’ll keep you posted as the game progresses. Our hope is to release Campaign Series: Vietnam in Summer 2018.